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We include a fully automated way to get property owners to call you to list their homes. Everything we do, from emails to postcards to coffee table books, is precisely tailored for each property owner in your farm.


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In my first 90 days using Buyer Concierge I found an off-market home for one buyer, and converted another buyer who had been working with an out-of-town agent into my client simply because I offered to send letters for her. I also generated new conversations with 25 homeowners in my farm who I had never previously spoken with, 8 of whom I am now actively working as new listing opportunities. I could not be more excited!

- Mary Jo Morgan, real estate agent in Coronado, CA

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I am just a few months into Buyer Concierge. The agent on my platform already closed a $2M home to a buyer who used her specifically because she offered to send letters to homeowners on the buyer's behalf. I was happy to see the buyer and agent get a win together. Even better, I was asked to do the jumbo loan. We are all quite thrilled to have a smart solution to the inventory shortage.

- Kory K., CMG Mortgage

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